History of Ruth's Mustard

Ruth's Mustard was inspired by my grandmother's recipe, passed down through the generations. Ruth loved to feed her family and help those in need. In her honor 10% of all profits go to "feed the need of others".

The Original Ruth's Hot & Sweet Mustard was what I was raised on. Over time we have added: 
Sweet Grillin' Glaze, Cracked Black Pepper, Cranberry, Jalapeno, Raspberry, Horseradish, Garlic, and a seasonal Maple Mustard Marinade
Each has a distinct and delicious flavor. 

We are sure you will find one, or many that satisfy your taste buds and cooking interests. 


One of our packaging options is any three mustard flavors in a handcrafted wooden crate. These crates are upcycled from the pallets our bulk ingredients come delivered on by our oldest son. They make a wonderful gift and the crates can be further upcycled as planters, window boxes, shadowboxes, desk organizers, anything the creative imagination allows.

While one son is involved in crate production, our other son is often “on the road” either making sales calls or doing local deliveries of our families products. 

          Thanks for your interest in our mustards,
                       Laurel & Ed Smith